• What Is RSO and How Can We Use It?

    Rick Simpson oil is made with a very high amount of THC, anywhere from 20%–90% (or even more). To put this in perspective, marijuana typically contains around 15% THC. It’s most often used for medical issues.

    RSO has been said to treat:

    Multiple sclerosis
    High blood pressure
    Are There Any RSO Oil Side Effects?
    Since there is a high amount of THC, Rick Simpson oil isn’t free of side effects like CBD is. Large doses of THC can stimulate the following negative side effects:

    Anxiety and paranoia
    Low blood pressure
    Trouble sleeping
    Memory issues
    Impaired reaction time and motor control
    Bloodshot eyes
    Do these sound familiar? THC is the acting molecule in marijuana as well, which is why the side effects of RSO are very similar. They don’t sound great, but thankfully, they won’t last forever. Any side effects disappear once THC has left your system. 
    Simpson’s invention of RSO emerged out of his own health struggles and frustrations with traditional Western medicine. Following a workplace accident in 1997, Rick Simpson suffered from exposure to toxic chemicals and several traumatic injuries. These left him suffering from dizzy spells, tinnitus, and a number of other lasting side effects that his doctors were unable to cure. Do you think about where available  rso oil for sale ?. In fact, according to Rick Simpson, these treatments would often make his symptoms even worse.

    Rick Simpson Oil for Cancer
    The possibility to heal cancer has caused the most buzz around RSO. Like we shared in the intro, Rick Simpson discovered that his oil caused cancerous bumps on his arm to completely disappear! He simply put it on a bandage, covered his spots with it for a few days, and they were gone when he removed it.

    Obviously, we shouldn’t only believe the claims of one man, and a few studies share that cannabis oil has shown to kill off cancer cells. Even so, there isn’t sufficient scientific evidence yet. However, there’s no reason not to try it out while getting chemotherapy or other cancer treatments.

    RSO vs. CBD
    When comparing these two popular cannabis-derived oils, it’s helpful to remember that RSO is essentially the opposite of CBD.

    CBD is praised because it contains trace amounts of THC and is easy to obtain. The Rick Simpson oil recipe has much higher amounts of THC – even higher than marijuana! People love CBD because it’s legal and has very mild side effects, if any. This is due to the very low amount of THC.

    RSO might be the better choice for intense symptoms like cancer, but CBD works great for many other issues. It helps with pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, acne, and more.

    The Research
    Although there are plenty of RSO for cancer testimonials from people who have tried it, scientific research is still important (especially since many people are using it for cancer).

    In this study, combining cannabidiol and THC enhanced the anticancer effects of radiation.
    Another study showed that THC kills cancer cells in mice and reduced tumor size.
    There are many other studies that show THC improving nausea, appetite issues, pain, and other symptoms that often occur with cancer treatments.

    Since there isn’t much research behind RSO and THC actually healing cancer, it’s not recommended in place of cancer treatments. Even Rick Simpson believes this. It worked well for him, but he knows that every form of cancer is different and there’s not enough research behind it.

    However, there’s no harm in trying it out while getting cancer treatments – it could even make the treatments more effective like the first study above shows!

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